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In addition to processing results that event directors submit to us, we also process the results from ITTF adult and junior tournaments so that you can find our ratings and rankings of the top players and see their results here on Ratings Central.

We only consider a player to be ranked if the player has a standard deviation that is smaller than 100. This is because otherwise their playing strength is relatively uncertain. This is just our convention; there is nothing magical about a standard deviation of 100.

Top 10 Men
RankRatingNameCountryLast Played
12997​±63Wang, ChuqinCHN2022-11-17
22988​±68Ma, LongCHN2022-10-27
32983​±72Fan, ZhendongCHN2022-10-27
42896​±60Harimoto, TomokazuJPN2022-11-17
52885​±70Liang, JingkunCHN2022-10-19
62868​±63Ovtcharov, DimitrijGER2022-11-27
72856​±61Möregard, TrulsSWE2022-11-27
82806​±54Lin, Yun-JuTPE2022-12-04
92805​±70Xiang, PengCHN2022-08-01
102804​±59Calderano, HugoBRA2022-10-31

Top 200 Men

Top 10 Women
RankRatingNameCountryLast Played
12859​±79Sun, YingshaCHN2022-10-27
22816​±74Wang, ManyuCHN2022-10-27
32811​±74Chen, MengCHN2022-10-27
42778​±70Wang, YidiCHN2022-11-17
52664​±70Chen, XingtongCHN2022-11-17
62650​±69Ito, MimaJPN2022-11-17
72611​±68Hayata, HinaJPN2022-11-17
82603​±88He, ZhuojiaCHN2022-08-01
92550​±83Zhang, RuiCHN2022-08-01
102548​±75Qian, TianyiCHN2022-09-13

Top 200 Women

10 Most-Recent Events
2022-12-17ITTF-Oceania Cup, Port Moresby (Men)PNG
2022-12-17ITTF-Oceania Cup, Port Moresby (Women)PNG
2022-12-11WTT Feeder, Fort Lauderdale (Women)USA
2022-12-11WTT Feeder, Fort Lauderdale (Men)USA
2022-11-22WTT Feeder, Dusseldorf III (Women)GER
2022-11-22WTT Feeder, Dusseldorf III (Men)GER
2022-11-17ITTF-ATTU Asian Cup, Bangkok (Men)THA
2022-11-17ITTF-ATTU Asian Cup, Bangkok (Women)THA
2022-10-31WTT Contender, Nova Gorica (Women)SLO
2022-10-31WTT Contender, Nova Gorica (Men)SLO

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