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To register as an event director, please fill in this form completely, then click the “Submit” button.

Enter your information in the form, not your club’s or organization’s. If for legal reasons you don’t want your name displayed on the website, please .

In the “Phone” field, please include your country code preceded by a plus sign.

In the “Notes” field, please describe what events you intend to submit, where the events will be located, who you expect the players to be, what clubs you are affiliated with, how you found us, and any other relevant information.

The “Title” field is for those who need more than one director ID because they will be submitting more than one event on the same date or for more than one sport. It provides a descriptive title to identify the ID. Unless you are certain that you will be doing this, leave it blank. You can always add it later.

If you do not check the “Familiar with Ratings Central rating scale” check box, be sure to explain how you plan to become familiar with the rating scale. If you do not know, before submitting this form.

Only fill in one of the “USA state”, “Canada province”, and “Other-country province” fields.

If you have already submitted the form, but we did not reply, please do not submit it again. Instead, .