What Is Ratings Central?

Ratings Central is a state-of-the-art, fully automated, online rating system that is very accurate, is open to anyone anywhere, is extremely easy for event directors to use, and provides extensive, detailed, accessible information on events, matches, results, ratings, and rankings.

Regardless of whether your club (or organization or group) currently has its own ratings or rankings, now you can join Ratings Central and produce ratings for your club, thus allowing your members to find out how they rank within your own club and also in your state, country, and even internationally. Check out the list of organizations at the top of this page that use Ratings Central for their official ratings and rankings.

You can submit the results from almost any type of event that you or your club runs, including tournaments, league matches, and club matches.

Finding your new rating and those of your friends is simple thanks to our attractive, easy-to-navigate website that provides a wealth of information. Ratings and match results are easy to browse and copiously hyperlinked. There are a multitude of options for searching for, and listing, players, events, clubs, and matches. Your results will be posted alongside results from international competitions from around the world.

Data entry is a snap thanks to the easy-to-use Windows apps that we provide (you can also use a Mac or Linux if you have Wine or CrossOver). Simply click a button to automatically download a rating list from our website. Select the players that are playing in your event. To enter a result, click a button and highlight the names of the winner and loser. To submit the results to Ratings Central, click a button and the event is automatically submitted. Within a few minutes of submission, Ratings Central will process your event and post the results on the Ratings Central website. Ratings Central then emails you and optionally the players to let you and them know that the results and ratings are on the website.

Ratings Central uses a sophisticated rating algorithm (developed by David J. Marcus, Ph.D.) that fairly and accurately rates all players, from world-class to beginner, from those who compete regularly to those who compete infrequently. The algorithm was originally developed at the request of USATT, but despite being dramatically better than the USATT rating system, USATT has not adopted it (due to inertia and politics).

Join the hundreds of clubs and directors and tens of thousands of players that are already a part of Ratings Central. See the Information for Event Directors page to sign up. See Cost for how much it costs.